Waxing Services in Clackamas

Waxing may not be the most fun part of visiting the salon, but it can make a significant difference in grooming! Men and women will find that Stacy’s prices, personality, and expertise will take some of the sting out of the process.

Brow waxing in Clackamas, Oregon

Facial Waxing in Clackamas, SE Portland

Full Face Waxing $25 | Section Waxing $10 each
Brow Wax
Create a clean and flattering shape for your eyebrows by removing unwanted hair.
Brow Definition
Spotlight your eyes in the most flattering way with expert brow grooming and tinting. Offered as a stand-alone service or in combination with any waxing or color service.
Lip Waxing
It’s a simple fact that as cute as a mustache can be, it is not a look that everyone can carry off. Shaving is an annoyance and the regrowth tends to feel more prickly because there is a blunt-cut end instead of the soft tip that naturally grows on hair. Periodic lip waxing in our Clackamas salon keeps you smooth and attractive.
Cheek Waxing
Changes in hormones are one of the many causes of unwanted facial hair. Clean up your cheeks with this quick waxing option.
Chin Waxing
Chin hairs can be such a nuisance! Waxing takes just a few minutes and keeps you smooth for weeks.
Jawline Waxing
The greater the contrast between hair color and skin tone, the more noticeable extra hair will be. Keep your jawline smoother and more touchable with periodic waxing instead of rough shaving.
Sideburn Waxing
Reduce stubble and stay smoother for a longer period of time by waxing unwanted sideburns.

Unfortunately, body waxing services are not available due to the salon floor plan. Feel free to ask for a referral.