How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your face in greater ways than you may realize. By properly shaping and maintaining your eyebrows, you can change the appearance of other facial features, like drooping eyelids and the width of your nose. Men and women with proper eyebrow shapes can even reduce the appearance of aging!

Check out this video on shaping your brows.

Finding the Right Eyebrow Shape

Now that you understand the goals of eyebrow shaping, you need a plan for success. One of the best approaches is to consult with Stacy. She can help determine the thickness and shape that is best for you.

Once you have determined the eyebrow shape that best coordinates with your style and features, you need an eyebrow maintenance plan!

Professional eyebrow waxing is an excellent start. Stacy can create the perfect eyebrow arch for you, then you can maintain it at home by tweezing any stray hairs that pop up outside of your target shape.

Maintaining your Excellent Eyebrows

Sometimes it is hard to keep your brows balanced evenly by yourself! Every six weeks or so, when you come in to the Clackamas salon to maintain your hairstyle, you can have Stacy wax your eyebrows again to correct any misalignments that may have crept in through tweezing.

If you are planning a special occasion event like a wedding or photographs, come in a day or two before the event so any minor swelling or redness can have time to fade.

If your eyebrows are hard to see because they are very light in color or the color doesn’t match your hair very well, you may consider eyebrow tinting for a color correction.

Tell your Eyebrow Stories

Please comment with your eyebrow questions, shaping victories, or epic fails! We always love to hear from you.

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