Bleaching for Fun, or More Fun

If your goal is sun-kissed summer highlights, platinum blonde, or a first step on the path to a rainbow, count on Stacy to listen to your goals and help you reach your dream hair color.

Lightening or Bleaching hair in ClackamasMegan modeling a short hairstyle with red highlights.


Stacy can lighten your hair just a few shades, or several. The number of shades depend on the condition and original color of your hair.

There are many techniques to lightening your hair. The most important step is to find a color professional with experience, and whatever style you choose, do not do this at home. It has to be done carefully, keeping in mind the chemical structure of each individual hair color — unless a special shade of orange is your goal!

Here are some techniques for bleaching your hair:

  • Vertical thin or thick sections controlled by foil can create some stunning highlights to frame your face.
  • Just lighten the tips of your hair to crate a fun new dimension.
  • Balayge, Ombre, or Sombere (Subtle Ombre) style highlights done freehand by the Stacy.
  • All-over lighter hair can be just the thing, for a whole new you.

Bleaching your hair can be an means to an end, or it can be the whole point to start with! Many men and women choose to enjoy their lighter blonde hair. Some clients use it as a base to let other vibrant colors show through.

Contact Stacy for a color consultation or to make an appointment for hair coloring services in Clackamas.


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